“Fashion allows the body to be the canvas, the clothing to be the art, and YOU to be the artist.”

— Dominique Dajeé

Fashion for many is used as a form of communication. To make a visual statement about your state of mind, affiliations, social status, or cultural identity. We rely on these non-verbal cues to affirm these personal details for us. Diasporic people of color have been using this form of non-verbal communication to affirm details of their identity as a way of celebrating what makes them who they are.  


The diaspora is defined as the dispersion of people from their homeland. Expressing your cultural identity in an American context is something we are confronted with daily. How we navigate spaces becomes a delicate equilibrium, careful to balance norms as well as personal identity. the goal of VISUALS is to serve as a space for expression of cultural identity, free from Eurocentric, heteronormative, and hegemonic norms and ideals.


VISUALS serves as a platform for the diaspora to be communicated visually using personal style aesthetics and self-fashioning. It serves to empower people of color to express their identities unapologetically, and let their style do the talking. For those who are tired of breaking down their identities, explaining the effects of the diaspora, and catering what they wear to a Eurocentric lens.  VISUALS is a space for us, by us.

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