Fashion as Remembrance: Celebrating Our Roots

March 15, 2017

Meet Larry. From Nashville, Tennessee, Larry uses fashion to get back to his roots. After receiving his degree in Fashion Design from the historic Howard University, he now is completing his Master's in Fashion Studies at Parsons School of Design in New York City. 

The outfit you see pictured is from a collaborative project, where the goal was to create a collection of outfits that represented our individual identities. Each piece in this self-made fit is significant to a part of Larry's identity and pays respect to his roots, his passion, his love for the 70's, and the family that laid the framework for him to become who he is today.
"It's a collection of items I've inherited and a coat that I made from scratch meant to resemble a vintage garment - symbolizing lineage, memory, and my Southern roots. The jeans are plastered with pins that I've made decorated in slogans that depict cultural motifs and "make peace" slogans. It's a call to action to embrace diversity." 

Larry's style is a bricolage of his Southern roots, his passion for fashion and social justice, and a homage to the style and grace of generations before him. You'll almost always catch him in cowboy boots, a smirk on his face, a cowboy hat, and a single earring. He states that his style feels "protective in a way, imbued with a sense of home." 

You can find Larry and his designs on Instagram @luhhray and @larryeasleydesigns


"Empowered and affirmed"- Larry Easley




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