February 17, 2017

I remember your smile 

Your eyes light up like the Milky Way at night 

Your smile, the crescent moon 


My brother 

I remember when you learned how to walk 

You stumbled a bit at first 

But got right back up 

Like you always do 

Not even gravity could hold you down 

From you reaching the stars 


My brother 

You were once a king 

You once ran with the wind kissing your face 

Your skin kissed by every shade of the sun 

To make the brown that flows so delicately over your bones 


My brother 

Your soul is a sea 

Filled with beauty and mystery and unanswered questions 

With a depth unknown 

The waves reach out to me 

And reflect a universe 

Telling the story of our history 


My brother

I hear your laugh ringing in my ears 

But now that laugh is muffled by gun shots 

And anti-sympathetic colorblindness 

And now all I hear is silence 

Because they think your body just blends into the pavement 

Half of mine does too 

Is half of my life of value 

Because each half is stigmatized as good and evil 

Lately I haven’t been able to distinguish the difference 

All I know is that it is silent 

Because I no longer hear your laugh 

All I know is that I have lost my sight 

Because I no longer see the milky way at night 

The crescent moon has become dimmer 

Because they have stolen your smile brother 

I cannot walk without stumbling 

Gravity has helped me up 

But society has pushed me back down 


My brother 

They are trying to burn the throne on which you once sat 

They try to erase our history 

But you cannot erase the stars 

Sometimes I wonder if the stars I see shining back at me 

Are your eyes watching over me 

But now there are too many stars 

Too many lives taken too soon 

I’d rather have you here with me 

My brothers 



This poem can be found in Men Cheat More, Women Cheat Better, written by Kwapi Vengesayi, a dear friend, talented author, activist, and creator of the renowned Shades of Black Show. 

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